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The ability to extract knowledge from data is no longer a luxury; rather, it has become a necessity for business growth and improvement. Data analysis has entered the future, with businesses able to go far beyond descriptive results for predictive and prescriptive feedback. Today’s constantly accelerating marketplace makes these new insights critical for businesses that want to remain relevant.
Global Soft Systems brings vast experience in developing predictive analytics strategies quickly and effectively. Our solutions help organizations extract the full value from both their own internal and external digital assets. We use machine learning, mathematical modeling and statistics to cut through complexity and translate the findings into practical, easy-to-understand information.
Our solutions are wide and varied. Across industries, the ability to make predictions can inform business strategy and guide decision-making at multiple levels. This allows businesses to optimize marketing, improve operations, reduce risk, identify complex patterns and anomalies, increase profitability and even impact lives.
At Global Soft Systems, we value an iterative and repeatable scientific method to achieve information transparency and growth in support of your business objectives. We partner with organizations at all levels of analytics and data development to achieve their goals and targets.
These goals are realized by the implementation of a good data governance plan and Global Soft Systems can help.


Global Soft Systems, Inc. insurance industry solutions help organizations to proactively realign themselves to customer needs and shifts in the marketplace. The experts at Global Soft Systems understand the pressures and operational issues of insurance companies and deliver solutions customized to specific needs of businesses. Driven by a robust delivery model and Global Soft Systems proven Agile methodology, we enable successful IT transformation across complex architectures.
Our comprehensive insurance sector solution portfolio comprehends the entire value chain across:
  • Life Insurance Services
  • Claims Services
  • Pensions and Retirement Solutions
  • Personal and Commercial Lines Insurance Policy Services
  • Reinsurance and Broking Services
  • Risk and Regulatory Services
With major security breaches facing the insurance industry already this year, cyberattacks will be one of the biggest challenges facing insurers in 2015 and years to come. The trend to cloud computing will grow exponentially, ensuring that a balance of risk with economics and technical benefits, will be at the forefront of these strategic drivers. Additionally, improvements in analytics, operational transformation, and modernization will impact all aspects of the business model and operations, creating its own set of challenges and opportunities. From process automation, resource allocation, to consulting and support services, we tackle the tough issues of cyber security, internal and external collaboration, human error and workflow automation, social and mobile demands, and data integration. The industry in undergoing remarkable change and competitive pressure. Let Global Soft Systems, Inc. help you turn these challenges into opportunities and strategies for operational growth and market share gains.
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