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Brilliant Analytics

You probably recognize the term Business Intelligence (BI)? And you know the importance of harnessing your data and information for ultimate leverage. At Global Soft Systems, we’ve taken BI to a new level and termed it “Brilliant Analytics”.

Statistics show that fewer than half of companies believe they have the data and insights they need today to run their businesses effectively. To make confident decisions, you need to know that your course of action is supported by insights that come from examining all available data sources-internal, third-party, social media, and much more. In today’s environment of complex operations and abundant data, that type of fact-based insight is only possible using advanced analytics or “Brilliant Analytics”.

Our perspective and in-depth analysis helps spot your strengths, shortages & opportunities that are not otherwise obvious. Our uncharged, consultative approach offers solutions for improving weak areas, and concrete plans for capitalizing on opportunities to meet all your goals.

We help you drive business profitability by using untapped data, developing critical insights, and designing action-oriented strategies based on those “Brilliant Analytics”.


Healthcare organizations face many challenges, including skyrocketing costs, government mandates and unprecedented change. At the same time, the marketplace remains demanding, public awareness is at an all-time high, and competition is intense. To succeed today, healthcare organizations need to renew their customer focus, while cutting costs and increasing revenue to deliver more effective, affordable healthcare. We help organizations throughout the healthcare system acquire and manage the talent they need to adapt in a changing industry, meet everyday challenges, and gain a competitive advantage. Global Soft Systems, Inc. industry focused consultants stand ready to aid healthcare leaders in complying with HIPAA, ICD-10, and HITECH requirements, while providing healthcare workers with the tools of BYOD, telemedicine and clinical data analytics. The healthcare industry is undergoing major reform in the wake of population health and the swift movement to meet the needs of empowered consumers. Healthcare is moving to the home, chronic care is becoming a focal point, private exchanges are on the rise and greater focus is being placed on staying healthy. The mandate to implement electronic health records and movement toward interoperability brings additional challenges.
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What we offer

Global Soft Systems, Inc. is the trusted IT partner for hospitals, health systems, payers, physicians, life sciences, software providers, and many others. Through our innovative solutions and proven methodologies, you receive the rapid and flexible services and expertise needed to stabilize your most urgent priorities, including:
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Go-live Support and Training
  • Claims Processing and Automation
  • EHR Implementation and Maintenance
  • Testing
  • Staffing
  • Software Development
  • Program Management
  • Architecture
  • Managed Services
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